About the Flat Classroom Leadership Workshop and Student Summit

Co-founders of the Flat Classroom Project, Vicki Davis and Julie Lindsay, have joined forces with colleagues and supporters from around the world to provide opportunity for a face-to-face, real-time gathering. The aim of getting together in the one place is to fully extend and foster connections and collaborations that will ultimately improve classroom practice and pedagogical approach using technology as part of a global flat classroom.

In an ever-changing world the impact of the Internet, in particular Web 2.0 tools, has been so significant it has changed the way students and teachers can interact and learn. There are opportunities for different learning relationships and for multi-modal outcomes using multimedia and online tools. The conference will provide opportunities for leaders in education, classroom teachers and administrators as well as students to learn with and from each other in a 'flat classroom' model. It is envisaged the conference experience will culminate in actions that are then shared around the world and sustained by continued projects based on community and curriculum needs.

Who Should Attend?

This event is targeted to teachers and students of past, current and future 'flat classroom' collaborations as well as Information Technology teachers and Directors and school administrators who are responsible for pedagogical development with ICT in their schools.
Two strands: 'Leadership Workshop' and 'Student Summit' will meet separately as well as in combined sessions to discuss best practice and promote global collaborative leadership as part of a global flat classroom.
All participants will be given the opportunity to develop leadership skills in using information technology, particularly Web 2.0 tools, to connect, communicate and collaborate.

More details:

Presenters and Workshop Leaders

Confirmed presenters and workshop leaders:

Conference objectives

  1. To provide an opportunity for participants and supporters of the Flat Classroom Project and it's sister, the High School Horizon Project to have an educational and cultural exchange via an organized gathering.
  2. To promote connection and understanding between geographically dispersed ethnically and culturally diverse groups of students in meaningful, global cooperative authentic learning experiences.
  3. To focus on enhancing digital citizenship and fostering best practice methods for online learning in ways that can be shared synchronously and asynchronously with other schools around the world.
  4. To provide further opportunity for pedagogical development using emerging ICT and creation tools in differing modes.
  5. To promote leadership skills for 21st century learning amongst participants of all ages with an increasing leadership role for students in education practice.
  6. To provide an opportunity for participants to explore and experience what it means to learn in a 'flat classroom' with extensive involvement from students and teachers
  7. To advance our approach to the next stage in the establishment of educationally viable and valued global classroom(s) and all this means for relationship building and the development of independent and cultural learning for teachers and students.