Flat Classroom Debates

As part of the Flat Classroom Conference 2009 we have organised a debate in Qatar that will also be a virtual link-up and interact with Educon 2.1, an education conference happening simultaneously to the Flat Classroom Conference at the Science Leadership Academy, Philadelphia, PA. Date and time: Doha 6-7 pm Saturday Jan. 24, 2009.

The debate is the inaugural Flat Classroom Debates and follows the style of the successful Doha Debates, as organised by Qatar Foundation and broadcast by the BBC. There will an opportunity for audience members from both sides of the world to interact with the teams and ask questions. A backchannel will also allow other participants globally to be part of this session. There will also be a final poll to determine a winning team of the debate.

Debate Topic:
"Education Systems successfully prepare students for flat world global challenges"

- Dr Jock Schorger, ICT Specialist, Education Institute, Qatar and
- Julie Lindsay, Head of Information Technology and E-Learning, Qatar Academy

Backchannel - Vicki Davis, Technology Director and teacher, Westwood Schools, Camilla, Georgia, USA

Team for the Affirmative:
Dr Don Knezek, CEO ISTE, USA
Dr John Turner, Flat classroom teacher and digital educator, Melbourne, Australia
Jess Nelmes, Student at Qatar Academy, Flat Classroom Project participant

Team for the Negative
Chris Jager, E-Learning Leader, Multi Serve Cognition, Qatar
Jeff Utecht, Educational Technology Consultant, ISB, Thailand
Yaqsan Al-Waily, Student from Osama Bin Zaid School, Oman, Flat Classroom Project participant