Welcome to the Flat Classroom Conference

UPDATE! - This wiki is now an archive of past Flat Classrooms events and notices. All recent information is now collated on the Flat Classroom Conference Website.

Latest News!

The next Flat Classroom Workshop (and mini-conference) is to be held as part of ASB Unplugged at the American School of Bombay elluminate.pngFebruary 24-27, 2010 in Mumbai, India. Find out more about the Flat Classroom Workshop at ASB Unplugged .

Interested participants are invited to review 'Flat Classroom Participants Speak Up' for more information
Interested sponsors are invited to review 'Information for Flat Classroom Sponsors' for more information

Not sure what a Flat Classroom event looks like? We invite you to review the recent Flat Classroom Workshop held as part of the 21 Century Learning Conference in Hong Kong, September 2009. Also, see the Flat Classroom Conference held in Qatar, January 2009, in action via this short video documentary embedded below.

Flat Classroom Conference Qatar Documentary