Flat Classroom Student Summit

What is the Student Summit?

Essentially the aim of the summit is to bring together geographically dispersed students with a view to sharing ideas, learning about communication and collaboration tools in a flattened world, and working on a project theme that can be transplanted back into their home school. The selected theme will inspire unity and action as well as fostering continued connections after the event in Qatar. In an ever-changing world this event provides an opportunity to bring together classrooms face-to-face in a culmination event based on the projects over the past 2 years. It is envisaged this will improve global understanding and cement friendships for ongoing collaborations.

Who Should Attend?

The summit is aimed at students in upper middle, lower high school levels (ages 14-17). These are the levels who have been involved with the Flat Classroom Project, the Horizon Project and the Digiteen Project in the past 2 years. See also Flat Classroom Projects archives.
It is envisioned that past and present participants in the project will be interested in coming as well as classrooms who are wanting to have a 'Flat Classroom' experience and take the ideals and skills back to their own schools.

What Will You Do?

Under the direction of Flat Classroom co-founder, Mrs Vicki Davis, and in conjunction with other flat classroom teachers, leaders and experts, a 2.5 day program is being developed that will include the following opportunities:
  • Development of skills with Web 2.0 tools including blogs, wikis, social bookmarking and podcasting
  • Educational networking and development of personal learning networks that enhance the learning process and flatten educationla experience for all
  • Use of multimedia - honing in on skills that support multimedia creation and global distribution
  • Working within a summit theme that has measurable outcomes and actions for change within a flat world scenario
  • Leadership in a flat world - participants will have the opportunity to be part of the Leadership workshop at pertinent times during the conference and present developments from their own country and school

Student and Teacher Scholarships

A number of scholarships for students and accompanying teachers are available. These will be awarded according to the following procedure and criteria:
  • Application by the teacher via the online form
  • Students and teachers who have been past or current participants in the Flat Classroom Project will be given priority
  • Cultural diversity of the final awarded applicants will be considered as we aim to provide a wide global perspective
  • A final date will be nominated when the school accepts or rejects the scholarship offer (given that airfares are not part of the scholarship we understand that community fund raising may be a challenge)

Our aim is to encourage participants from around the world to attend and wish to support this by providing funds to cover registration and accommodation, including meals and sight-seeing, while in Doha. Students and teachers who have been past or current participants in the Flat Classroom Project will be given priority however we strongly encourage all interested applicants.

We invite teachers to apply on behalf of their students. Up to 4 students will be considered for scholarship support from each school.
Interested applicants are requested to complete this online form to be considered for scholarship benefits.
Applications must be submitted by October 12, 2008.
Successful applicants will be notified by October 19, 2008

More information about student and teacher scholarship opportunities is available form Julie Lindsay, Head of Information Technology and E-Learning at Qatar Academy, Email: julindsay@qf.org.qa Mobile: +974 685 3776