Flat Classroom Leadership Workshop

Leading Toward Systemic Transformation

Session LW02 - Saturday Jan 24
Don Knezek and Lynn Nolan

School, area, and teacher education leaders play pivotal roles in advancing digital age learning with a strategic plan for systemic school transformation. As we transition from schools designed for an industrial age society to schools preparing students to learn effectively and live productively in an increasingly digital world, it is imperative for all education leaders to have a roadmap providing direction toward a technology-infused learning environment. In this interactive session participants will identify and prioritize essential conditions that are necessary to effectively leverage technology for learning, teaching, leading, and establishing a culture that fosters creativity and innovation.

iNETS Think Tank

Session LW04 - Sunday Jan 25
Don Knezek and Lynn Nolan

“Educational Technology Standards in 21st Century Education”

In the USA, the original National Educational Technology Standards for Students (NETS•S) were released by the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) in 1998 with a focus on the skills and knowledge every student needed to succeed in the technology and information environment emerging at that time. The new NETS•S were released in June 2007 and the refreshed NETS•T were released June 2008. The refresh of the NETS for Administrators is currently underway with scheduled release in June 2009. Each set of NETS has taken a shift in focus from "learning to use the technology" to "using the technology to learn, teach, and lead."

The NETS as developed for the USA have also been adopted, adapted, or localized as a starting point for other countries' development of their own set of standards, guiding principles, or roadmap. ISTE has worked with Ministries of Education and educators in facilitating the development of standards in several locations outside the U.S. This work has informed the refresh of NETS with more attention given to global issues. In addition, ISTE is serving as a partner with UNESCO and was a contributing author of their recently released ICT-Competency Framework for Teachers. This set of standards also reflects the knowledge gained from ISTE's "wisdom of crowds" as educators have contributed globally.

In this session the NETS Refresh Leadership Team representatives will present national and international perspectives on the evolution of student, teacher, and administrator standards for educational technology in the US and world context. Session participants will then discuss: a) what they believe all students globally should know and be able to do to learn effectively and live productively in an increasingly digital age world, or b) what all teachers globally should be able to apply to teach effectively and grow professionally in an increasingly digital age world, or c) what all school leaders globally should know and be able to do to lead effectively and systemically in an increasingly digital age world.


The aim is for attending educators to workshop 'Flat Classroom' methods and strategies and be included in the student summit at various key points. The outcome is a fuller understanding of what it means to flatten your classroom and lead and/or support an international global project and pedagogical approach.

2-day workshop 'Flat Classroom Leadership Workshop - how to run a Flat Classroom Project' with these aims -
    • To promote academic excellence through the use of leading technological tools.
    • To simplify and document pedagogical best practices for such projects.
    • To duplicate successful flat classroom practices and encourage the open proliferation of such projects as a standard part of global education and digital citizenship.
    • To focus on international standards for students and teachers (focus on ISTE-created and recently revised NETS.S and NETS.T as essential models for adopting standards internationally)
    • To promote leadership skills for 21st century learning amongst participants of all ages with an increasing leadership role for students in education practice.

Workshop Outcomes
  • Enhanced understanding of 21st century skills needed and tools used for teaching and learning
  • Workshops will have plenary and break-out sessions and include both skill building with Web 2.0 tools and project management.
  • A hands-on approach is emphasized with participants encouraged to bring laptops and take advantage of the wireless network provided.