Conversations with Thomas Friedman

What would you ask Thomas Friedman if you had the chance? Students at the Flat Classroom Conference will have that opportunity in a few days when they connect with Tom for a live conversation, with us in Doha, Qatar and him in Washington DC, USA.

Yes! Live from Washington DC via a Skype link-up, world renowned author of ‘The World is Flat’, Thomas Friedman will speak at the conference. The Flat Classroom Project is inspired by the book and uses the 10 flatteners as topics for student team work. As co-founders of the project Julie Lindsay and Vicki Davis are featured in the latest edition (2007) of ‘The World is Flat’ talking about the success of the project. Tom will talk to the conference participants about his work, including the latest book, ‘Hot, Flat and Crowded’ and then invite questions from students. Time and date Doha 5-6pm Saturday Jan 24.